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T-001 SET-1 units and dimensions Test-001 Free
T-002 SET-1 Motion in one dimension Test-002 Free
T-003 SET-1 vectors Test-003 Paid
T-004 SET-1 Motion in two dimensions Test-004 Paid
T-005 SET-1 Laws of Motion and friction Test-005 Paid
T-006 SET-1 Work, Energy and Power Test-006 Paid
T-007 SET-1 Conservation of Linear Momentum and Collisions Test-007 Free
T-008 SET-1 Rigid body rotation Test-008 Paid
T-009 SET-1 Gravitation Test-009 Paid
T-010 SET-1 Elasticity Test-010 Paid
T-011 SET-1 Hydrostatics(Fluid Pressure and Buoyancy) Test-011 Paid
T-012 SET-1 Hydrodynamics(Bernoulli's Theorem and Viscosity Test-012 Paid
T-013 SET-1 Simple Harmonic Motion Test-013 Paid
T-014 SET-1 Waves and Doppler Effect Test-014 Paid
T-015 SET-1 Thermal Expansion Test-015 Paid
T-016 SET-1 Measurement of Heat Test-016 Paid
T-017 SET-1 Thermodynamics Test-017 Paid
T-018 SET-1 Kinetic Theory of Gases Test-018 Paid
T-019 SET-1 Transmission of Heat Test-019 Paid
T-020 SET-1 Electrostatic Field and Potential Test-020 Paid
T-021 SET-1 Capacitance and Capacitors Test-021 Paid
T-022 SET-1 Electric current and D.C. Circuits Test-022 Paid
T-023 SET-1 Heating Effect of Current Test-023 Paid
T-024 SET-1 Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism Test-024 Paid
T-025 SET-1 Electromagnetic Induction and A.C. circuits Test-025 Paid
T-026 SET-1 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Test-026 Paid
T-027 SET-1 Wave Optics Test-027 Paid
T-028 SET-1 Atomic Physics Test-028 Paid
T-029 SET-1 Nuclear Physics Test-029 Paid
T-030 SET-1 Kept reserved Test-030 Paid
T-031 SET-2 measurement and dimensions Test-031 Paid
T-032 SET-2 Motion in one dimension Test-032 Paid
T-033 SET-2 Force and Newton's Laws Test-033 Paid
T-034 SET-2 Motion in two dimensions Test-034 Paid
T-035 SET-2 Newton's Laws (Applications) Test-035 Paid
T-036 SET-2 Collisions, Momentum & Impulse Test-036 Paid
T-037 SET-2 Systems of particles, Center of mass Test-037 Paid
T-038 SET-2 Rotational Kinematics Test-038 Paid
T-039 SET-2 Rotational Dynamics Test-039 Paid
T-040 SET-2 Angular Momentum Test-040 Paid
T-041 SET-2 Work and Kinetic Energy Test-041 Paid
T-042 SET-2 Potential Energy Test-042 Paid
T-043 SET-2 Conservation of Energy Test-043 Paid
T-044 SET-2 Gravitation Test-044 Paid
T-045 SET-2 Fluid Statics Test-045 Paid
T-046 SET-2 Fluid Dynamics Test-046 Paid
T-047 SET-2 Oscillations Test-047 Paid
T-048 SET-2 Wave Motion Test-048 Paid
T-049 SET-2 Sound Waves Test-049 Paid
T-050 SET-2 Special Theory of Relativity Test-050 Paid